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Are you an author or do you run a queer bookshop or publish queer books? Then register and take part in our LGBTIQ+ book fair!

Are you passionate about painting, graphics or photography? Then exhibit your work at the Queer Arts Festival!


You love to express yourself through dance? Of course, there is also room for the performing arts at the Queer Arts Festival!


As part of our queer „Salon du livre“ there will also be opportunities to present your own texts: one of these opportunities will be a poetry slam, for example. Apply now!


Music plays a very important role in the queer community, as emotions and queer stories are told especially through lyrics. We take the time at the Queer Arts Festival for that! Are you a singer-songwriter and/or do you tell your stories musically? Then apply!

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Your art discipline is not listed here or doesn’t fit into any category? No problem, just get in touch!

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