Take part at the QAF!

Are you an artist from the queer community or do you deal with queer topics in your art as an ally and would like to present your work to a broad audience?

Then get in touch with us so that the Pride Headquarters is bursting with creativity on the first weekend in July!

What are the admission criteria?

We are looking forward to receive applications from artists from the queer community as well as from committed allies who are engaged with queer themes.

The works should have a queer reference. This is represented either by the artist’s identification with the queer community or by a deliberate engagement with queer topics.

The Queer Art Festival is aimed at local as well as international artists and serves both the artistic exchange and the presentation of the works to an interested audience.

Any art form can be accommodated, within the limits of what is possible, be it in the form of paintings, photography, literature, music, dance, installations and anything else that cannot be clearly assigned to these categories. There is the possibility to use a stage, to present your works (paintings, photographs, graphics, etc.) on walls or as an installation in the large exhibition hall, as well as to redesign one of a total of two rooms. Especially for the latter, you should briefly describe your idea or concept in your application.

As space is unfortunately limited, a jury will vote on the applications, depending on the available space in each category. To be considered, you can apply until 15 April 2022 using the form below. Please remember to attach a selection of your work (link to a portfolio, website or video) to your application so that the jury can get an idea.

The jury will let you know by 1 May whether your applications have been accepted and how much exhibition space you will have. If you would like to exhibit a specific work or installation that requires special attention (space, room height, etc.), please indicate this in your application.

The application deadline for the Queer Arts Festival 2022 has passed.

General informations:

  • Set-up and dismantling: the set-up work is planned for Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July. Each artist is responsible for the installation of his/her work. The exhibition walls and hanging fixtures will be provided by us. Dismantling can take place on Sunday 3 July 2022 from the end of the official programme and should be completed by 6pm on Monday 4 July.
  • Artists are responsible for their own transport, travel and accommodation.
  • The set-up phase will end on Friday, 1 July 2022 at 7.00 pm, shortly before the vernissage begins. Saturday and Sunday, 2 and 3 July 2022, the Queer Arts Festival is open to the public.
  • The Queer Arts Festival is a project of Rosa Lëtzebuerg asbl and will take place during Luxembourg Pride Week 2022 as part of the European Capital of Culture programme around Esch2022. The aim of the festival is to provide a platform especially for local queer artists. Rosa Lëtzebuerg, as the national LGBTIQ+ organisation in Luxembourg, does not pursue any commercial interests with the Queer Arts Festival. The Queer Arts Festival is organised by volunteers and financed by donations and partnerships. No participation or exhibition fees are charged.
  • The artists have the possibility to sell their works during the Queer Arts Festival, if they wish. Rosa Lëtzebuerg asbl does not charge a commission on sales.
  • Through donations, Rosa Lëtzebuerg is able to award 4 scholarships of 500€ each. There is the possibility to apply for a scholarship. To participate, various criteria must be taken into account, which are described on our website. In order to participate in the draw, a candidature must be filled in and sent in by 1 June via the following form.